No deal brexit

No bail out Lehman vs no deal Brexit

Is there something SMBs worried about a no deal Brexit can learn from Lehman?

Ten years ago I was working for a UBS’ proprietary trading business (a “prop desk”) in London. I was looking after the business strategy, trying to put together a partnership with another prop desk in New York…

HSBC international trade blockchain

The HSBC international trade blockchain

Why a leading international bank is accelerating blockchain adoption?

HSBC has changed its stance on blockchain technology from cautious to pioneering. It has come a long way since 2015. Three years ago, HSBC blockchain efforts went no further than casually searching for interns who “understood” Bitcoin…

Business plan design for SMBs

What do SMBs need to do to get their business plan right?

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) know there are first points of contact vital to make the right initial impression. Yet, SMBs get these points wrong. The most important is the business plan…

Hedge funds need fintech partnerships

Can hedge funds turn fintech into an opportunity?

The hedge fund industry is facing disruption from fintech companies offering investors new ways to generate higher risk-adjusted returns. Hedge funds need to adapt. Hedge funds need fintech partnerships…