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Our email newsletter is for businesses challenged by the new realities (post Credit Crunch) and start-ups. Businesses looking for or developing innovative solutions, which take advantage of new ideas and technologies. Solutions that address financial challenges, in particular, but not only. Combinations of ideas and technologies that traditional financial institutions and management consultancies may not be in the best position to develop, due to capital requirements, business models and culture. 

Representatives from businesses supporting sustainable development strategies are especially welcome to subscribe – we believe that new business strategies and financial models are critical for the development of a sustainable economy (respect for the environment is a core value of ours). 

It is also for finance and technology professionals interested in Fintech and Cleantech projects that address the most difficult of business as well as social challenges.

The newsletter contains links to new blog articles, webinars and other events from P27. It is delivered for free to subscribers, when we have something relevant to report. Currently we email around four newsletters a year. (We don’t want to jam your Inbox!)

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