P27 strategy services

Our Strategic & Financial Management Services are designed to help larger businesses increase their value and include:

  • Strategic Project and Project Portfolio Management Support
    – Review of corporate strategy (alignment of projects)
    – Search of project and portfolio executives
  • ESG Integration
    – Business case preparation (strategic & financial benefits)
    – Gaps assessment, change planning & delivery
  • Sustainable Change Office/ PMO Set-up – real or virtual
  • Business Matching – fintech, cleantech partnerships
  • More

We reality check the corporate/ business strategy of our clients and ensure that is both deliverable and sustainable. And then help them implement the change they need with the right projects and the right people. We help our clients not only manage their strategic projects better but also improve key value drivers such as sales, earnings, investments and ESG factors.

Our innovative yet practical approach is based on both traditional management models and alternative ones and takes full advantage of Smart Working and the Project Economy.

These services are delivered by the Strategy & Finance Practice led by Mauro Tortone.

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