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We are the Sustainable Change Partner: we help businesses grow or evolve sustainably.

We offer four core services to complement the capabilities of businesses in Finance, Technology and other strategic sectors and help them change, i.e. grow or evolve, sustainably:

Expert Advice
For all businesses — find a Business Expert for a short consultation on Business Planning, Accounting Systems, Business Valuation & Funding, ESG Factors and more.

Venture Support
For earlier stage businesses — enrol in a structured advice programme or just find Non-executive Directors to help your company grow all the way to public markets.

Strategy & Finance
For larger businesses — fill the gaps in your Strategic Project Team and get help with ESG Factors Integration, Sustainable Change Office Set-up and more.

International Trade
For SMBs — find new markets for your products and services, and get help with Market Research, Trade Missions, Marketing, Logistics and more.

We also offer custom services to help clients with whatever they need to achieve their goals, including hands-on services. To learn what we mean by growing (evolving) sustainably, please see our article Sustainable Change: an alternative model for growth.

Business services redefined
Our structure and approach enabled us to redefine what business services are and how they can be delivered. They allow us greater flexibility in what we do, how we do it and how we charge for it. They allow us to provide better value for our clients.

For a free consultation re your unique challenge, please contact us: